Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Edition: Being Domestic and On the Road Again

I am heading down to Philadelphia today with a bunch of co-workers. Five adults to be exact. We needed a gigantic rental car.  They gave me a Yukon. This is Mr. J's dream vehicle. He is besides himself with wanting one now. Clearly our fancy Buick has already lost its allure.

This weekend I cleaned the oven. It wasn't super dirty but we have lived here almost three years and I haven't cleaned it yet.  The weather was much cooler than expected on Saturday so I decided instead of turning on the heat I would take advantage of one of the last days to comfortable run the self cleaning tool on the oven.   

After three or so hours the apartment was warm.  I had to call my mom though about what to do after it was all done.  Never had an oven before where it cleaned itself. Still didn't like having to stick half my body inside to wipe it down but it is way easier than than the last time I had to scrub it all by hand.

To celebrate the clean oven I got Starbucks. Thank goodness lattes calm me down. The closest store to me is always packed regardless of what time of day. Every time I leave I am super worked up. The lattes help.

Can you think of a worst household chore than cleaning out the oven?

In case you missed it here is what I was up to last week:




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