Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend Edition: New Car

Oh my was yesterday a big day. We haven't been home all weekend with no guests in well over a month. I had big plans of cleaning and errands.  Mr. J wanted to play golf as the weather was finally starting to cooperate. 

We both wanted to go car shopping. I needed a new one and have been putting off the mission for a while because I don't like to drive and I hate cars. Car shopping for me is worst than going to the dentist for an all day visit.

Pretty isn't it?
Well not only did we go car shopping on Saturday but we managed to walk away with a new one. It was a long day but we are both (I think Mr. J might be a bit more happy than me) happy with the new car. 

As much as I needed to get a new car it was sad to say goodbye to my old one. I bought this car six years ago all on my own. 

I think I need a month's worth of weekends to recover from the stress of the car buying yesterday. Today is all about relaxing.

Here is what I was up to last week:


    1. Ugh I remember I hated car shopping! So glad you found one you liked!

    2. Congrats on the new wheels! Car shopping is so stressful!

    3. Very cool!! Congrats on the new car! :)


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