Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Honey Orange Pork and WIAW

it's wednesday and that means another 'what i ate wednesday' post. i have been traveling with people non-stop and had to excuse myself for taking photos of my food. they just laughed.

breakfast was a green smoothie.  topped with a bit of store bought maple granola.  this was a welcome return to normal after a weekend adventure to visit friends in maine. some things just seem amiss when i don't start my day with my greens.

lunch was out @ American Joe's. a big salad. love me my greens. not so healthy though when you add cheese, fried chicken, and ranch dressing. it tasted good and i am not going to worry about the possible unhealthiness. it was salad after all. 

dinner was this marvelous honey orange pork tenderloin with green beans and arugula salad with maple vinaigrette.  

do you take pictures of your food?


  1. Your salad looks so nutritious, filling & delicious!

    1. Thanks! It was good. Avocados are the best addition.

  2. I take lots of pictures of food - too many for my hubby's liking most of the time! :) I don't take them when we're out - just of the new dishes I prepare for sharing. I used to do a photo "diary" of everything I ate though!

  3. The pork sounds so good! I need more pork recipes.

  4. I would eat everything you ate and be a happy camper. I don't take many pictures of food... other than for the blog. But maybe it would make me more accountable about what I eat. :)


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