Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I had a different post planned for today. One that wasn't done but I planned on writing Monday night late after a day nonstop meetings for a work retreat. 

I found out about the Boston bombings through text messages and news feeds.  Boston is near and dear to my heart. The finish line for the marathon is a spot where I visit during any of my frequent trips to Boston. 

I bought my wedding dress in boutique about a block away. I had my job interview my senior year of college that landed me my current job a few blocks away. I have family and friends in the area. 

I am confused and hurt by the monstrosity that exists in this world.  I am humbled by the acts of heroism that emerge after this tragedy. 

Yesterday I contacted love ones. Today I will pause knowing that I am a lucky person in this world for so many reasons.

Prayers and well wishes go out to everyone affected.



  1. I've only been to Boston once and loved every minute of it. One great city.

    Your thought are very well spoken.

  2. It was just horrific when I turned on the TV and saw what happened. My heart goes out everyone there...

  3. I was thinking about you yesterday Em. I stayed in Copley Square (at the Fairmont) when I came up to Boston for your wedding, and treated myself to lunch at the restaurant right where the second bomb went off. I loved that area and the whole city when I visited and have been wanting to go back--it really just gave me creepy sick feeling of dread seeing something so horrible happen in a place I've been, and had associated with such good memories.

  4. It's just unfathomable that this happened...again. Boston is in my prayers.


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