Friday, April 22, 2011

5 things you do NOT know about me…

First and foremost: HAPPY EARTH DAY! 

If you go to Starbucks today with your own travel mug you get free coffee.  All travel mugs will also be 20% off today.

1. I am really bad about doing laundry. I constantly do it because I don’t like the dirty clothes to get piled up. But because I am always doing it I never have enough for a true full load of darks, whites, etc. so I just mix and match in one load. I don’t see this as a problem at all as long as you use cold water. The act of putting the clothes into the washer or dryer is not bad but I HATE folding laundry. The time I get through folding a load I am so sick of laundry that it just stays in the basket for days. Then I start taking the clothes I am going to wear straight from the basket. The time the basket is about ½ empty it’s time for a new load of clothes to be done.

2. Mr. J does not like it when I do his laundry. He is very particular about what goes into what loads and what settings to use.

3. I have secretly always wanted to be a waitress. I think I would be really, really good at it. I love to eat out and do so frequently. Therefore I believe I know all of the key things to do to make customers happy. I am also super good at multi-tasking. Plus you are walking around all of the time so you must get good exercise in during a shift. The one problem I see is being hungry all of the time. I am super sensitive to smelling yummy foods. When I do smell something, I want to eat it. It would be hard for me not to steal people’s dishes.
4. I love to travel but I hate TO travel. I wish I could just teleport myself places for vacation. Then you could enjoy all of the good parts about vacation and seeing a new place without the hassle of delays or sitting in a car for long periods of time.

5. I love a good deal. Coupons are my favorite.  I get so happy when I can glance at my grocery receipt and see "you save $XX today".  I am not nearly as good as the people on TV who can buy $200 worth of groceries for $5 but routinely get two or three things a week that end up being 75% off between coupons and store discounts.  When I shop online I am always googling coupons or buying things from alternative sites where I get credit card points or cash back options.  Then I buy myself special treats...shhh don't tell Mr. J  It's fun and I feel so proud afterwards.!

This is one of my favorites!


  1. so many problems could be solved if we could just apparate instead of real traveling.

  2. I have the same problem with laundry. though I hate putting it away, not folding it... and my husband still thinks the laundry fairy does the laundry haha. He never does it, or cares to! lol

  3. Being a waitress isn't really all that great. But you do get to spit in food (IM JUST KIDDING I HAVE NEVER DONE THAT!)

  4. I could live out of my laundry basket too!! lol ♥- Katrina

  5. Have you watched that Extreme Couponing show on TLC? Those people are crazy. 10,000 tubes of toothpaste! Who does that? I would like to know the process where they get their coupons cause I find a few in the Sunday paper and that's it. I'd be happy with saving $50 a month on my grocery bill with coupons. I know I wouldn't hoard 10,000 tubes of toothpaste!

    Oh and I hate folding & putting away laundry.

    Okay Kat for some reason I don't believe you! I bet you spit in someones food!!!

  6. Found you through Kat's Friday Five :) I've actually always wanted to be a waitress as well, I'm sure it wouldn't be as much fun as it seems, but it'd be great to try!


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