Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend entertainment

Last week I had a special meeting for the marketing department at work.  We were to brainstorm super cool additions to our website.  We met at the Maritime Aquarium to get our creative juices flowing.  As a thank you we got cute little gift bags including water, snacks and fun toys.  Yep, that's right toys.  I got a ride with one of the organizers so I got a bit of sneak peak to choose the best toy option.  There were aquatic stress relievers which were pretty sweet.  I had my heart set on the whale.  Then I saw this:

A turtle that was suppose to grow 600% its original size when put  into water.  How cool is that?  I was so excited but patiently waited till Mr. J came home to play with it. 

Being the responsible adult I am I read the first line of instructions.  Place turtle in water less than 77 degrees temperature.

As I got the bowl ready, Mr. J played with the turtle. 

Then we placed him in the water.


Upon closer inspection, the second few lines of instructions say "Do not expect instant results"  It is going to take 96 hours to reach full growth.  How NOT fun is that?  That is more than 3 days of waiting.  So, Mr. J as strict instructions to document the growth daily as I will be away.  Blah!  To make matters worse, when the turtle comes out of the water it shrinks again. 

Do you think the water will come out of the turtle making a mess as it shrinks?

Do you think it is going to take 96 hours to shrink back to original size?


  1. LOL, I buy things like that for my kids all the time, they love watching it grow...but yes, it's not instantaneous!

  2. That turtle is hilarious and would entertain my nine year old for quite a while. Glad to hear you had fun with it as well ;o)

  3. hehehe :)) I think this would definitely entertain my husband! I need to find me one of those. ;)


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