Sunday, April 17, 2011

Restaurant Review: Fig and Olive

I mentioned a couple of months ago that March and April had a lot, many, ok a ton of birthdays for me.  I think birthdays are the greatest.  I get super excited for mine as well as any friends and family members.  I love to celebrate.  My thoughts are if you cannot celebrate on the actual day then you simply must extend the fun for the week or even the month. 

This weekend I was able to celebrate one of those birthdays. Thank goodness the gloomy weather held off for the most part so we could enjoy the city.  There was a little shopping at Sephora, always fun to do with a girlfriend.

Then there was a little show seeing...

Great show!  I love live theater and musicals.

Of course, being in the city always makes me excited sample the amazing food options.  I have been wanting to go to Fig and Olive for a while but the menu is somewhat on the lighter side.  Good for me but I could never convince Mr. J to try it out.  Lucky for me the birthday girl jump on the menu after I gave her a list of possible lunch options.  

There are about 5 locations in the US.  One in Melrose Place and the rest are in the Manhattan and Westchester. 

Glad to hear all diets start on Monday after yesterdays post because with started off with this sampler of bread and pasteries.

So delicious and it came with whipped sweet butter, strawberry jam and the signature fig compote.  We snacked on it throughout the meal and had some to take home with us.

I had the lamb panini on rosemary bread.  It was served with sea salt potatoes and a small salad. The sizing was perfect!

It ended up being triple layered and stuffed with veggies.  Very messy to eat but well worth the mess.  

The birthday girl choose the brunch option of a yogurt parfait.   It was layers with granola, whipped Greek yogurt, and fig compote.  The fruit made me very happy - so colorful!

The atmosphere of the restaurant was very chic and Mediterranean.  It reminded me of my visit to Provence, France.  

Don't be fooled by the empty tables.  They filled up fast and there was a full downstairs as well.  We got to be seated by the window since we ate early. 

There were tons of options I could have picked from paninis to tartlets to lots of crostini and veggie side dishes.  There were salads, soups, egg dishes as well as full entrees.  Prices were extremely reasonable about $9-15 for most lunch and brunch options.  The entrees were $20-30. 

What a great girl day in the city!  Happy, happy Birthday!

10 East 52nd Street

New York, NY 10022
Between 5th & Madison Ave.


  1. Thanks for sharing this review! I might have to check this restaurant out the next time Im in the city!

  2. Nice review, this looks really good. Love that bread basket!

  3. A happy, happy birthday indeed! We definitely need to go back to Fig & Olive soon. Thanks for celebrating with me!!!

  4. Looks like you had a great time.

    We've been to Fig & Olive in the Meatpacking district and enjoyed it. We're also often by the one in Scarsdale, but haven't yet ventured inside. May try that location soon enough.


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