Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunday night dinner: Garlic Mashed Potatoes

It's Tuesday and I am still stuck on the weekend. 

It was my turn to go away this week.  (I am currently in Michigan.)

Mr. J and I always try to have a good meal on Sunday as the culmination of the weekend.  As you can see from the photo above we are big meat, starch, and veggie meals.  Mr. J loves potatoes so normally Sunday is a potato dish.  This weekend we wanted to jazz up the potatoes a bit. Being garlic lovers it was an easy decision.

Boil potatoes as normal.

Chop lots of garlic.  

I mean lots.

Saute with butter.  Add garlic mixture to potatoes when mashing with milk.

Perfect way to prepare for the next week.


  1. It looks like you need a "garlic zoom"!! It single handedly has made me cook more.


  2. Garlic Mash is a comforting favorite of mine! How can you fail with potatoes, cream, and butter?! You can't! The garlic just makes it all the better...and the next day you can add a little flour and egg and fry up some potato pancakes for breakfast...nothing better.

  3. I love your sunday dinner because I adooooore garlic mash ... it's so tasty and satisfying. And comforting!

  4. I love mashed potatoes, but I have never used those particular potatoes before. It looks really good, so I think I'll give them a try! Plus, all that garlic, it's got to be good.


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