Sunday, April 10, 2011


This weekend I made a mistake.  I knew it was going to be bad, but not this bad. 

I did it because I am a good wife.
There are some things I know I should keep my mouth shut about, not say a peep to Mr. J.
Sometimes I remain silent, sometimes I don't.
Last night I didn't.

I mentioned that I kind have been craving fried seafood.  This does not happen often.  Why?  Because fried food makes me feel disgusting and miserable. 

I randomly crave fried seafood, probably the only fried food I eat.  I get over these cravings shortly either by just forgetting about them or having one or two samples off of someone else's plate.  For Mr. J, when he craves fried seafood he just goes for it.

We tried a new place called Lenny's in Branford, CT.  It is down in the Indian Neck area on the marshes.  It is a local joint with lots of character.  Unfortunately everything is fried!

Even the coleslaw was not green.  I inquired about the small salad section on the menu but was told it was all iceberg lettuce.  I do not consider this a green veggie. I ended up with an appetizer portion of calamari.  Mr. J got the seafood platter. 

We shared both. They were gigantic.  As we rolled out, we determined the fried clams were the best we had had in a long time.  They were delicious!  Everything else could have been passed up. 

I am detoxing today.  Fried foods never do me well.  I know this but yet...see the the above pictures.

Maybe next time I will learn...probably not.

205 S Montowese St

Branford, CT 06405



  1. Once in a while you just need to be bad...or eat bad. :)

  2. I know what you mean about craving something fried - mine downfall is french fries. Worth every bite, until the next day. :)


  3. the fried cravings have been hitting everyone lately huh? i'm glad i'm not the only one. =]

  4. I like to joke that here in Texas we can fry damn near anything...but seafood is high on the list. I try to limit myself to fried food once every week or two, but I do love it...I must admit! I also don't consider iceberg lettuce a veggie either.

  5. Every now and then, the indulgence is okay! But I'm with you, I always feel so gross after a bunch of fried food - but it's so good (usually) at the time that I don't care! =)


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