Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WIAW: South Carolina

Whenever I travel breakfasts are a little sad. This one is from Hampton Inn and is actually one of the better eats. A pretty banana and Kashi cereal. To give me some extra boost I add bits of peanut butter to the cereal. There is not thing good about being hungry in a work meeting. I cannot concentrate and my stomach growls loudly. Awkward!

I am in South Carolina. A small town.  There aren't too many options for dinner.  However we always go to one where the upstairs is fancy and the downstairs could be called a dive bar. We opt for the bar. The menu is fantastic. One night was the special of NY strip with arugula, mushrooms, and mac and cheese. 

The second night was blackened salmon with avocado/tomato salsa on top of cheesy grits. Don't mind if I do. 

Do you ever get amazing food at a restaurant doesn't quite look like it is capable of such food?


  1. ZOMG, I want that steak, mushrooms, + mac + cheese SO bad. It looks flippin' amazing!!!

  2. Glad you found a great spot..that special sounds wonderful. Most of those complimentary breakfasts have little I like, but I'd definitely eat your breakfast and that spot free banana :)

  3. Wow! It is always exciting when you find a good place to eat...especially when you aren't expecting to! Thank you for sharing Emily. Safe travels!

  4. Loving the food... but I want that onion ring on top of your meal. YUM!!


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