Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I don't use cookbooks all that often to actually cook.  My cooking style is much more of a see what is in the fridge, think about how it can work together, put it together kind of way.  Measuring may or may not happen. 

That does not stop me from loving cookbooks though.  I recently got two new ones and on my trip to New Jersey they were my post work entertainment. 

Peas and Thank You by Sarah Matheny

She has a blog which I adore and now she has a book.  It's very inexpensive so there is not reason not to have this in your arsenal.

Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson

I cannot say enough good things about either.  I plan on sharing a few new recipes that caught my eye in the coming weeks but if you are not much of a recipe follower they are both a good read and have delightful pictures.  For me, a cookbook must have pretty pictures.  These books are right on...

On another note I have a new favorite book for the time being.  I raced through this last week since it was a new release library book and I had seven days to finish it.  No renewals.  $1 per day fine.  Yikes!  It was so good though, I easily got through it.  Hemingway's wife.  Paris scenes.  Love it.


  1. Such great cookbooks!! I wish I was like you and could just throw together a delicious meal by seeing what I have in the fridge, but I seem to be obsessed with cookbooks and magazines! I'll have to check these out :)

  2. I don't use cookbooks either (even though I keep getting them as gifts!), but it's nice to know some good ones to give as gifts. My sister loves cookbooks!

  3. How is Mama Pea's cookbook? I can't wait to try it out!

  4. I really would like a copy of Peas and Thankyou. It's on my Christmas list! And Super Natural Every Day - what can I say. The woman is a genius!

  5. I read cookbooks for pleasure - so these are on my agenda. However, The Paris Wife - off my radar but will check it out!

  6. Cookbooks NEED lots of pictures! I wish I could just throw stuff together. I am just not creative enough to think of stuff!

  7. I love cookbooks (and I second the notion that they must have beautiful pictures) as I think of them as inspiration if my mind is blocked. I love Mama Pea and for the pure entertainment factor I bought her book.
    Great selections on cookbooks.

  8. I am loving Peas and Thank You! I'm actually doing a "Pea Week" this week on blog in which I'm creating one of her recipes every day. Every one thus far has been a winner!

  9. I love good cookbook reviews! I'm always looking for winners to add to my collection :)

  10. I adore cookbooks! I am always eyeballing new ones I'm interested in and add at least a few new ones to my collection each year in addition to all the online recipes I bookmark and all the ones I clip from magazines... I love recipes! :D


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