Friday, August 26, 2011

Fridays 5: Websites

It seems like a long time since I have done a true Friday 5. But here I am back with a bang. At least I hope so for your sake.

1. Better Homes and Garden: Sometimes I need a break from life, or maybe just my current life.  I like to dream about life in a house I own. With a yard.  And a garden.  Until then I have Better Homes and Garden.

2. Etsy: Another dream I have is about being crafty.  If you have never visited Etsy it is a compilation of people across the world who make just about anything you can imagine.  I wish I could DIY for all of the fabulous things I see on this site. Instead, I just purchase. 

3. foodgawker: I am sure many of you know about this site.  I love to waste spend hours looking at all of the beautiful food.  It makes me hungry.  I love it!

4. My Body Gallery: I just learned of this website and love the concept.  It is a gallery of photos submitted by real woman.  You take a picture of yourself (they block out your face) and post your height, weight, and size.  The is to help women see what truly is normal in this media skinny obsessed world.

5. Pottery Barn:  I know I just posted about my addiction to Crate and Barrel but I must say once I own a house that addiction is going to morph over to Pottery Barn.  I love looking at all of the classic furniture pieces.  I have this thing for dressers and cabinets.

There you have it. These are the websites I am sweet to right now. Check them out!


  1. I love Etsy! And that body gallery website, what a cool idea!

  2. Good to see that your Friday 5 is back. And “my body gallery” is just brilliant. With all the beautiful skinny people around we tend to forget how the majority looks like.

  3. FAB Five! I've heard of Better Homes & Gardens and Foodgawker (they turn me down on a regular basis) ...and of course Pottery Barn.

    But Etsy and My Body Gallery is new. Thanks for introducing me!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  4. etsy and foodgawker suck me in for HOURS at a time


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