Thursday, August 25, 2011

Waiting for what is to come...

I have been waiting for this weekend for a long time.  Mr. J and I are off tonight to DC.  I get to visit my brother and his wife before they go off overseas again for 2 years.  I also get to visit my parents who are in town for a while.  And finally, I get to see some of my best friends.  I cannot wait!

What I can wait for is this hurricane that seems to be determined to make a mess of the whole eastern coast.  I am afraid I will have to deal with it in DC on Saturday and then follow it up the coast on Sunday. 
I am not one to get over panicked about events like these.  I guess I kind of think what will happen will happen.  But coming home to a no power apartment without water just doesn't sound enjoyable to me.  Wal-mart was already sold out of all water this morning.  I quickly ran to the grocery store to score 3 gallons of water and a few Gatorades for Mr. J.   I hope if we do lose power this will be enough to get us through.  This mini vacation is not off to a great start!

Let's just pray that the storm weakens and no one and nothing gets hurt during this natural mess!


  1. Emily, you will be in my prayers this weekend. I live in Florida and was so relieved to see that the projected path got further and further away. I am praying that this storm weakens! Please be safe!! Don't forget to fill up your gas tanks as well!

  2. Emily, you may want to stay in DC. You should not travel on Sunday, it will still be hitting the Tri-State area then.

  3. Oh my I hope the forecast will be better soon. Take care!

  4. Be safe...with the evacuations, you may not have the opportunity to travel. I live in Florida and hurricanes make ME nervous! If the stores are sold out of water - before it hits...fill your bath tubs up with water. It's easy enough to drain them when it's done, but at least you'll have some if it's needed.

    Let us know you're okay when this is over

  5. Oh no! Talk about a stressful vacation! Hopefully, everything will be in tact when you get home! Thinking of you!


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