Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday's Five: Favorite Posts

I missed last week's Friday's 5.  Lately, I have been very indecisive about topics and thought it was just better to skip the weekly post.  I missed it though.  Big time.
This week I wanted to recap some oldies but goodies.  Here are my top five favorite posts.

This was everything I thought Napa Valley should be.  Mr. J and I had a fabulous time soaking up the sun, drinking lots of wine, and eating loads of delicious food.  Our first real adult vacation was a success!
Finally being able to replicate my mom's delicious creation was a very proud moment.
Do I need to say more?  I made these on a whim and they are one of my top cookie creations ever.
Do you see a pattern?  Desserts.  Berries.  Food.  Yum! This one is from way back when...maybe I should make pie more often.
Not even a month ago I wrote about my current summer favorites from Trader Joe's.  Who would have guessed it would make it to my most popular list in such a short time?  Got to love TJ's!

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  1. My grandma passed on this totally old school Russian cookbook to me but I haven't mastered ANY of the recipes yet ;) I'm sure when I do I'll feel SUPER proud.

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Awesome posts...I can't wait to explore them all! This is PERFECT! You've been tagged by me to participate in 7 links!

  3. Yummy!!!! Makes my tummy growl with my lunch break looming in 30 min.

  4. I love blueberries! The cake and pie look so good

  5. We ate at ad hoc in Napa, but heard Bouchon is fab too! I want to back to Napa so badly...


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