Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Balancing Act: My 7 Links

So yesterday was the second day this week that something got in the way with my gym routine. Monday I brought my gym bag in work so it wouldn't be a million degrees when I changed at 5pm. Nothing is worst than putting on really hot workout clothes before you work out. OK maybe freezing cold work out clothes in the winter. Anyway, they came into the office and then stayed at the office. Wednesday I simply forgot my pair of sneakers. I am using a second pair because my normal ones were still wet from the race on Sunday. The second pair was wet from another rainy day on Tuesday. No shoes means no work out. Actually, I got a yoga DVD and stretched out. I found my balance...hopeful.

My post today is a long time coming. I have seen the 7 links going around the blog world for a little but and last week lovely Ann @ Cooking Healthy For Me tagged me.

1.    Most Beautiful Post

Anything that has to do with my wedding makes me smile. It was truly a memorable day and I cannot believe we are less than a month away from our one year anniversary!

2. Most Popular Post

Alice’s Tea Cup post for my bridal shower has been the most popular post since it came out. Almost everyday I have searches for it. I must say this place in NYC is the absolute, most adorable place. I loved my party and am so lucky to have such nice friends.

3. Most Controversial Post

I don't really write controversial posts, after all this is a food blog and I have come to find that most people truly enjoy food.  I did raise a few eyebrows though we these bean-ie cookies.

4. Most Helpful Post

Apparently I was not the only one out there who didn't know how to say or cook buckwheat grouts.

5. Post Who’s Success Surprised You

What can I say, people out there love Trader Joe's. This post immediately had so many comments and continues to get lots of hits. I never, ever expected this to be so popular.

6. Post That Didn’t get the Attention It Deserved

Way back when I didn't know what true blogging meant I made some Foodie Christmas gifts. Every year I make a batch of Peppermint Bark. It is so easy and so delicious. This recipe is a sure fire way to get in the Christmas spirit.

7. Post You are Most Proud Of
When my blueberry cake came out better as good as the way my mom used to make it I was beyond excited.  It is one good cake and until then I was never able to master it.  Goes to show you that following a recipe word for word is a good idea.  Go figure! 

Now it is your turn....What are you 7 links?  I cannot wait to hear about them.


  1. I have yet to do a re-cap like this and I think it would be hard trying to decide which. This post was done quite nicely and makes me consider the re-cap thing a little bit more.

  2. How fun to look back

    yep Joe-Joe's pretty amazing

  3. Hello this is a Great idea! I am actually relatively new to this food blogging scene, so its too early for me to do a post like this, but as soon as i can i will. thanks for the inspiration to do was really well done as well, and look forward to making mine.

  4. ohh you gave me a couple recipes that i must now go checkout.

    Yes TJ's does bring out the crazy in healthy bloggers :)

  5. Great seven links! I am still thinking about what to do for mine!

  6. What great memories! What a beautiful wedding cake! Congrats on almost 1 year!

  7. FABULOUS seven links! The wedding cake is incredible! I must have lost my post in cyberspace...I commented yesterday!

  8. This was my first visit on your blog and it was a perfect timing to see your 7 links and I enjoyed reading them all. WOW your wedding cake was Lobster tastes?! That's so unique and cool!! I love weddings and it was fun checking out your beautiful wedding... :-) I love the scones at Alice's Tea Cup - looks really delicious!

  9. Good selection of 7 beautiful links!


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