Friday, June 25, 2010

30 Day shred or Spinach Smoothie

Alright, enough of the beans already. I hear you.

Oh the things I have been contemplating doing with the wedding now 2 months away. I don't think I am as bad as some of the stories I have heard but I definitely have second thoughts about what goes into my mouth. I also am being much more conscience about my workouts. No more just run, run, run. Although good at burning calories I want my arms to look good too. I am not going to take up running with dumb bells. Like I said I am not that bad, or more likely that desperate.

I got the 30 Day Shred from Jillian Michaels through Netflix for a quick test run. I actually had it for a full 24 hours before I could bring myself to try it after all of the talk I had heard about it being so super tough. Happily it wasn't so bad. The push up segment is the worst; its also the first weight segment. I hate push-ups. Mainly because I am not good at them. Like I said I need to work on my arms. After this dreadful 3 minutes is up though I am good to go. The problem lately is that it is so very hot and humid. I have to get up early to get my DVD workout in before the temperature heats up. It is just not going to happen at 6pm with its been 90 degrees all day.

The other things I have tried lately is adding spinach to my smoothies. Yes, this is something I have heard about too for a very long time. And as much as I like colorful plates to eat, I cannot get over DRINKING something green. It makes my stomach turn just looking at it, no matter how good it tastes. Anyway, this morning I had spinach that was about to go bad. It needed to be used up soon but there was only like 1 cup or less. What do you do with such a little amount of spinach? Well, I hesitantly threw it in my smoothie for the morning.

Looks somewhat pretty in the blender!

You really could not taste it at all. I heard that for some scientific reason if you add bananas to spinach, they cancel out the taste of the spinach. If this indeed is true, I suppose I never have to worry since bananas are a must have in my smoothies. But like I said earlier its not so much about the taste as it is the look of green for me. As you can see though the overall result of this mixture was pretty - the blueberries won!

Now its panic time, not only with the last push of packing but this was the last of my yogurt. There is nothing better in this heat for breakfast than a smoothie and lots of ice. I think I might just run to the store to get another container. I cannot bare to think of something else for breakfast.

To find out more things you can add to smoothies for an extra health kick read this article published by the previous mentioned blog KathEats.

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