Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mundane Monday

Reading blogs is one thing I have not really gotten addicted to just yet. Every once in a while I will follow a blog for a few weeks, checking in pretty often. I will then move on to something new. I am always impressed though with the people who can blog so consistently every day.

My life is busy and quite frankly not that interesting all the time. I managed to get in a blog Monday-Friday last week and was very impressed with myself. I accomplished this for two reasons. I am not traveling so my time is freed up a bit and I had a really big weekend. When I have fun activities going on its so easy to have fun pictures and stories to tell. I don't have big weekends in NYC very often though. This past weekend I sat on my butt quite a bit. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Even now it's Tuesday and I am still posting about my Monday. The beginning of the week and I am already a day late. Haha, that is how life is nowadays. So here is my post no recipes, but I did manage a shot of our dinner.

Moving has put quite a damper on Jordan's creative dinner making skills. Many of the sauces, condiments, and spices he has been accustomed to using have been used up. I refuse to buy any new such things till after we move. Thus, dinner although good was lacking the usual flair. Here was a quasi-stir-fry dish. Chicken, onion, and green beans sauteed in olive oil and lemon juice. I thought it was good. After a full day of work, forgetting my snack and going for a run. I was starving. It was a good dinner to me.

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