Tuesday, June 8, 2010

L'orange bleu

Oh what a night!
I cannot begin to say how much fun this restaurant is. If you are looking for something with good food and lively atmosphere this is the place to come. My good friend found this place to start the bachorette party activities. And yes, there was a belly dancer.

As you can see the decor was rather clever as the restaurant was named L'orange bleu or blue orange for those of you who do not know French. I am always a sucker for clever things.

There was a wide range of meal options from smaller tapa size dishes and appetizers to larger portion meals. Again the influences were French and Moroccan so fish frequented the menu choices. The above dish is sole. I had Carpaccio Bonito - thin slices of raw tuna with a bit of ratatouille. It was light and summery - very yummy.
We started off with a pitcher of sangria. Like I said in a previous post the weather was nice and steamy even at 9pm. I think ice cold sangria is a perfect way to cook down a bit. I also just think it is a pretty drink to look at.

The waiters all dance around to the music and certain nights there are live bands playing as well. We ate inside but there was a nice sidewalk area with tables set up which was also very popular. The crowd really got into the music and randomly other patrons would get up and dance around. I was so impressed with some of their dance skills. Clearly I am not as talented in that area as I originally thought.
Sadly the best part of the night I was unable to capture a photo of. If you order a dessert and are having a celebration they bring out some fire works and do a bit more dancing. This was clearly the place to celebrate as we witnessed about 4 fireworks. It was fantastic.

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