Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sweet tooth satisfied...somewhat?!?

No matter how big or rich our dinner is Jordan always needs to have a sweet treat after dinner. No joke this is how most of our evening proceed.

1. Eat dinner
2. Clean off table
3. Me - Wash up dishes, put in dishwasher, clean kitchen counters
4. Join Jordan on the couch for about 2 minutes.
5. Jordan goes to the kitchen and starts digging around in cabinets, fridge, and drawers.
6. Jordan's head pokes out through the doorway, "Do we have anything sweet?"
7. Jordan does not like my long list of possible desserts.
8. He continues to hunt for something sweet and whips something up.
9. He eats said creation, offers me some which I normally decline because I am full and know my body cannot take a dessert every night regardless of how much I work out.
10. Sink full again due to Jordan's sweet creation.
11. (OPTIONAL) Jordan finds something salty after realizing he had too much sweet.

I cannot begin to describe some of the things Jordan has come up with in order to satisfy his sweet tooth. Last night in a hunt for something sweet he decided that frying some aging scones with butter followed by some homemade blackberry jelly would do the trick.
Yum, yum. Or so I guess as he finished the plate in record time.
As for the frying pan - it's still sitting on the stove top waiting to be cleaned. Hint, hint: Jordan if you are reading this, the pan is calling your name.

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  1. SAME thing at my house! Except Jon actually cleans up after dinner most nights since I cook but then leaves dessert dishes on the counter, about 5 inches from the dishwasher. After dinner, he always wants something sweet, often complains that there is nothing in the house, then still finds something to eat, and then complains that he's too full. lol gottta love men.


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