Thursday, June 10, 2010

Le Bateau Ivre

The drunken boat is probably a suitable title for this magnificent wine bar. Le Bateau Ivre is touted as the first real wine bar in New York City. The wine by the glass selection is over 250. We made a quick pit stop here for some festive drinking. The place was very classy and very French - right up my alley. There is little I enjoy more than listening to the French language. All of the wait staff were running around shouting French at each other. It was quite fun.

This is a cute little bistro as well with a small menu of tartines and paninis. There is also a few larger entrees. We only sampled some bread and it was delicious. Sadly most of the pictures at this point in the evening are of ourselves. I had to whip out the glasses because I was starting to go blind. Our kind waiter gave us some champagne on the house. It was really good champagne.

Us ladies living it up in the big city! Don't we look pretty?

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