Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nothing's better than a Georgetown Cupcake

Have you ever heard of Georgetown cupcakes? Cupcakes are rapidly becoming the hip new trend for desserts. They are cute, delicious, and instant portion control. One of the most up and coming cupcake shops is Georgetown cupcakes in the Foggy Bottom district in DC. There is even soon to be a TLC reality show on the owner.

I of course have wanted to sample these scrumptious treats for quite a while. I like to go to their website and look at all of the possible ordering options. I even go so far as to add them to "my cart" eventually I come out of my dream cupcake world and realize it is just not practical for me to spend $25 plus dollars on cupcakes and shipping cost that ultimately will just make me fat. (You have to or at least 12 cupcakes at a time - way too many for just Jordan and I.)

Lucky for me though I have awesome friends. One of which lives in the DC area and graciously pick up the above box for me to sample. This gave me more pleasure than probably they realized - cannot help but want to try every cool thing I hear about through my various food searches on TV and magazines.

So after the tea we had about a 2 hour break from food before it was decided by yours truly that it was time to jump into the cupcake box. There were so many flavors, some of which i immediately wanted to try since they were my favorite and others I was not so sure about. The big surprise was the orange flavored cupcake. It tasted like a creamsickle. It was so good!

Here is a coconut cupcake. I love coconut and this did not fail in my expectations. It was yummy too.
Because the party was a bunch (5) of girls and we had been eating a lot we only managed to eat one each during this first sampling. Lucky for Jordan that we saved some for him. Below is the hazelnut flavor - think nutella. He was dying to sample this from the moment he found out I brought cupcakes back. He asked me no less than 4 times if he could have a cupcake. I am a big fan of nutella so this one we had to split. It again met all expectations of a great cupcake.

Jordan continued to munch on the 7 remaining cupcakes over the next two days. The one he didn't get to have was the chocolate. Now that sounds pretty plain but let me tell you. It was chocolate cake with white frosting on top and a cute chocolate glaze design. The special thing about this chocolate cupcake was that on the inside there was a little pocket of chocolate cream. Yum yum! I don't know if next time will be able to resist ordering 12 cupcakes online again. It seems much more practical now knowing they are so super good.

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  1. Haha, I am loving all the recent blog posts! :) I got to say, coconut is my ultimate favorite cupcake!

    Georgetown Cupcake also has "specials" on different days, so I could not get the whole spectrum, since I only went on a Friday. On Saturdays, they have a Key Lime cupcake which is PHENOMENAL, and Mondays they have a mint which is also one of my favorites. I'm glad Jordan got to enjoy them too!!


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