Thursday, June 17, 2010

bizarro world of wedding mania

I am venturing from the food world for one post because well I could not help but share these two very strange things I found the other day. Now, I think it is pretty much a given that summer television stinks. It is so horrible I cannot bare to watch it. Jordan is a big fan and I try my hardest sometimes to sit with him but I just think about how much time I am wasting away. I get fidgety and in less than 10 minutes I am up doing something else. Sometimes I make it more than 10 minutes but only if I have my handy laptop keeping me entertained.

One such evening occurred earlier this week. I was desperately trying to find something interesting on the web - even this can be a challenge at times. This particular night I ended up on the NY Times website. In college I got most of my news from this site, that and the Today show but that is a different blog. So here I was browsing my finger tips around hunting the fashion, travel, and food sections and I came upon the wedding announcements. And, yes that is what I like to call the news.

I don't know if you have ever read the wedding announcements in the NY Times but they are very amusing and the pictures tend to be lovely. I really scored with this "entertain myself" find. Here are two of the ones I looked at. Both a bit out of the ordinary and I got quite the chuckle out of it.

Amanda Pritzker and Brad Kahn

Deborah Jacobs and Michael McPhearson

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