Monday, June 7, 2010

Alice's tea cup - BRIDAL SHOWER

I had a fabulous weekend in New York City with some of my best friends. Bryn Mawr College has a tradition of everything being a tea so when it came time for my bridal shower it was only fitting to have a tea. With a bit of help from one of my friends and google we found Alice's Tea Cup.

There are multiple locations but this one was on the upper West side a couple blocks from Central Park. The front half is a store where you can purchase baked goods and loose tea. The back room has a few small tables and a room for small parties. We were in the back room with a table for 10.

They brought out 4 huge 3-tier trays of food. Each one had a plate of scones, a plate of tea sandwiches, and a plate of desserts.

The plate of scones also came with clotted cream (yum, yum) and jam. This plate had a raspberry chocolate scone, lemon-blackberry, and pumpkin. Each of the plates were a bit different in terms of the food on them. Notice the cute mismatched tea china.

This is the second tier with tea sandwiches. There was quite an assortment of mini finger sandwiches on this plate. You can see the smoked salmon with cream cheese. There was also cucumber with goat cheese, roasted carrot, curry chicken salad, tuna, and tomato and hummus with assorted breads. They were also very good.

Between the scones and the sandwiches at this point you are pretty full. But wait there is still the dessert plate. This photo unfortunately does not show the ample and varied amount of cookies but you can see the lovely mocha cake and mini chocolate mousse cup. Some of the plates also had very dainty lemon tarts with fresh fruit.

The lovely hostess with the table spread. You can see the pretty tea pots in this photo. We got a pitcher of iced green tea as well since the weather decided to be very hot and humid this weekend in the city.
The whole experience was amazing. The staff was very friendly and accommodating to allergies. There was plenty of food and the tea was divine. They also checked in for refills - we never felt neglected but they left us to really enjoy everything too. The Alice's tea cup also has a separate menu for breakfast and lunch. They serve brunch on the weekends - including crepes. I definitely want to try those out at some point. Best of all they pack up everything that is left in little boxes to take back with you. And there was definitely a lot of leftovers.
I cannot begin to say how much fun this was - its a must.


  1. That food looks so good! I wish I could have been there. I'm glad you had a good time.

  2. I wish blogspot had a "like" button like facebook.

    PS Kira I wish you were there too!! :)

  3. Alice's Tea Cup is my favorite! What a perfect spot for a bridal shower!


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