Friday, June 11, 2010

Hot Chocolate in summer?

Here I have been complaining about the heat for some time and tonight all I want is hot chocolate. One, it hasn't been hot for that long and really last weekend was the only miserable hot humid day. Two, I work in a very A/C office so much of my day I am cold or dressed like it is still winter. There you have my justifications.

I am a big fan of hot chocolate. I could have a big mug every morning for the rest of my life. I would never give coffee a second thought, even the divine French pressed coffee. However, it cannot be any hot chocolate. Please note the name hot CHOCOLATE - there is no fake cocoa for this gal. I need the real thing. France impacted my life in another food aspect by introducing me to its marvelous lit bits of chocolate that is melted slowly in very rich cream. I am salivating just typing about it. My favorite place is .... Before leaving I bought many bags of this treasure.
Since my time in France, places in the US finally caught on and now its not so hard to find a similar drink here. My favorite in France was at Angelina's. I had one cup of this and it was a stomachache waiting to happen. Well worth it though.

At home I stick to a few specific brands. My favorite is Ghiradelli. I always make it with milk - none of this water stuff for me. This is my ultimate comfort food. And I highly recommend it after a long work week!

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