Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Apple of my eye: European Bakery

One of the things I hope to have at the wedding is Apple pie. My original idea was to have a fall wedding - perfect time for apple pie. For various reasons the wedding was moved up a bit to the end of August. Not the perfect time for apple pie but still doable. The problem is that although Jordan has a tremendous sweet tooth, he just doesn't care for cake all that much. Well, wedding cake is a staple. It was a must for me not only for the tradition but I love cake. This was part of the debate when picking the cake flavor. Jordan had his favorite choice but really if he didn't like cake in general how much weight could I give his opinion. We ended up with a very delicious cake flavor that was in the top 3 for both of us. We are very happy with the decision.

But back to the apple pie, since Jordan doesn't like cake a groom's cake was definitely out. I considered many different ideas of candy bar or dessert buffet. I would have been perfectly happy with a wedding completely full of sweet treats. The menu options at the Inn are huge portions and I want people to be able to move and dance after dinner. After much debate I decided that the best complement to the wedding cake would be apple pie.

The search began with my mom searching out every bakery in the Portland, Maine vicinity. I would have loved to make my own pies but I know deep down this would be a very bad idea for me and everyone else involved. We have tried a few but the picture above is from the European Bakery located in Falmouth, Maine. They have absolutely divine desserts. A favorite of mine is the chocolate rum ball.

The pie was a bit crusty but very good. And as you can see from the pictures, its quite the work of art with the shiny sheen of egg wash. We will have to see if this one makes the cut. Part of the problem with this whole idea is that Jordan likes pies and had many opinions on what a pie should be.

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