Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Oh boy...words cannot describe life right now so pictures will have to do....

For an obsessively compulsive neat freak, this is a very hard way to live. I am counting down the days till I can move into the new apartment and organize my life. Countdown is T-minus 4 days.
One of the bedrooms...not so bad just yet.

The kitchen again a few hours later. The pile expanded about 4 feet.

Sunday afternoon I couldn't take it anymore and in the last little bit of counter space I used my Kitchen Aid mixer one more time before it was packed away. I whipped up these yummy double chocolate chip cookies. It seemed a good idea at the time right up till the point the whole apartment's temperature rose about 20 degrees and neither Jordan or I wanted to pack again. At least we had something to munch on...
Back to the packing I was faced with the living room - I am not sure we are doing much living there. Notice the remote control and laptop on the floor. This was where I was taking a break. I was in the valley of boxes.

From here on out no promises on the blog updates...I promised Jordan a Sonic dinner. (A bribe really cause he had to go to the gym with me first, but still.) A few fast food feast might make the cut; I am crossing my fingers that it is just a few.

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