Thursday, February 24, 2011

The art of mail

I love mail.  Everyday one of my biggest highlights is collecting the mail.  I call it the post box and it is the second love of my life.  Since graduating college and getting out on my own I realized sometimes a lot of mail is not the best thing.  Bills are not so much fun but getting a letter from a friend, a birthday card, a freebie coupon can really make a bad day GREAT.  

In today's technology driven world people email way too much.  There is a lot of talk of people wasting hours each day going through their emails.  One of the ways the experts say to stop this is to not send as many emails out.  Apparently there is some figure, which I do not know off the top of my head, about the correlation of emails sent out vs. emails received.  Basically the more you send the more receive.  This may not be a good thing for emails but mail BRING IT ON.

My philosophy is the more you send (cards, letters, packages) the more you get and therefore the greatness of getting mail.  There are so many companies and websites available now to help you do this.  I recently stumbled upon a new one via a recommendation from a friend and let me tell you it is a winner. 

You have to go to TinyPrints.

Why is this site so much better than the rest?
1.  They do everything for you: You go to the website and search the cards by holiday or occasion.  Pick the card you want and then they customize it for you.  You can add photos.  You can personalize it with names. The whole process is very easy.  Finally, when you are all done they will address the envelope, add a stamp and mail the card right off to the recipient.  You can even schedule mailings in advance.  For example, once a month you can log on and buy all of the cards needed for the month - if you have a birthday at the end of the month just schedule that card to be mailed out near the end of the month even though you are doing all of the work on the first of the month. 

2. Prices: Each card is $3.99.  After a recent trip to Wal-Mart I think this is a steal.  The Wal-Mart cards were all $4 plus dollars and they stunk. They looked cheap and were cheesy.  Now if you think $3.99 is too much for a card I will tell you that TinyPrints has sales all of the time.  I recently used a buy one, get one deal on birthday cards to get all my March birthdays done.  The also have memberships which lower the price of cards to as low as $1.99 each.  There are fees associated with the memberships but they are waived the first year and very reasonable.  On the website they spell out how many cards a year you have to buy to make it worth the fee.  It's not that many!

3. Creativity: The cards are adorable!  Enough said.

Anyway, this is my new obsession.  I think this last week I have lost about 2 hours of my life looking at cards and adding them to my favorite list.  I cannot wait till April rolls around so I can start sending out more cards!

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