Sunday, February 27, 2011

Introducing my new friends

Saturday Mr. J and I set out on a mission to go to Hartford.  There are some things I don't like to live without.  Some of these things are not anywhere on the Connecticut shoreline unless I go way close to NYC.  Thus, we go to Hartford.  We almost didn't go because of the sickening gas price increase but like I said there are some things I don't like to live without.  The most important part of our trip was to visit the one and only Great Harvest Bread in Connecticut. 

I lived on homemade bread through high school.  When I first went to college I unwillingly went on the Atkins diet because I thought the store bought bread was gross.  I have slowly adapted but I prefer homemade bread, the GOOD homemade bread.  So I would like to introduce you to:

Mr. Stuffed (Cheddar) potato bread

Mrs. Whole wheat bread

It is so good!  I cannot even begin to describe the goodness of the bread.  It is a billion times better than store bread.  I am tempted to hide a bit to make it last longer.  A day later and they are both half gone.  It is very sad. 

We also got a Monster cookie.  It was oatmeal, peanut butter and chocolate chip.  We ate it on the ride home so all I have to show is the wrapper.  It was one good cookie and inspired me to try and recreate it for my cookie of the week.  Yes, my cookie addiction has come to making a different cookie each week.

I stopped by William Sonoma for a few gadgets.  We got a few more peelers and a pastry blender.  The other day when I was making the stresuel for the Cinnamon Baked French Toast I realized I didn't have one.  I actually think I HAD one at some point but in the move from my parents to on my own my mom inherited.   This has happened to more than one of my tools but I forgive her.

I upgraded my weights from 1lb to 5lbs.  I have recently been using canned pumpkin which falls somewhere in the middle.  I just didn't like the width of the can.  It was a bit much for my hands.  I like how they are pink and purple! 

Weekly workout wrap up
Monday: 45 minutes elliptical, sit ups
Tuesday: 5 minute warm up, 7 minute run (increasing speed)/1 minute walk for 40 minutes, 5 minute cool down
Wednesday: 60 minutes elliptical
Thursday: 10 minute warm up, 3 miles, 10 minute cool down
Friday: Cardio blast DVD
Saturday: 10 minute warm up, 3 miles, 10 minute cool down, weights
Sunday: 5 minute warm up, 4 miles, 10 minute cool down


  1. Love the pink and purple weights. Mine are boring blue.

  2. I LOVE Great Harvest bread. It used to be my "splurge" in college to get a loaf of their cinnamon swirl. I'd SAVOR each bite!


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