Friday, October 8, 2010


Tomorrow is the Food and Wine festival in NYC. Tomorrow is also Jordan's birthday. What a big day of fun. That is certainly what I need after tonight. It seemed like a normal relaxing Friday till I came home to have Jordan ask me to smell the chicken. Now between the two of us I am definitely more skeptical about weird possibly past due food. Jordan has no hesitations. Tonight he hesitated. Thank goodness he did. I should have been worried from the moment he asked due to the fact he never asks. I didn't have to get within a foot of the foul smelling fowl. It was bad.

I will say that if I had not come home at that very moment he probably would have cooked it. I said he hesitated but he was not 100% convinced it was bad. Its things like this that make me extremely nervous with him in the kitchen.

Of course I was pissed, I hate wasting food, I hate wasting money. This was a huge bulk thing of chicken that we were going to cook 1/2 tonight and freeze the rest. It cost like $9. I had a list of things to do and I was hungry. I HATE it when things do not go as planned. Jordan was going to try a new hot wings sauce. I was going to relax and get ready for our big weekend.

Instead we went to Chili's and ate way too much. We just got home at 8:30pm and I still have to pack. Yuck, what a bad way to start the weekend. Cannot wait till the fun begins tomorrow.

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