Monday, October 4, 2010

Review: Pretzel M&Ms

This week is going to be quite a week. I am happy to announce that I will be home for dinner every night. I will be able to sleep in my bed every night. I think it has been well over a month since I have been able to be at home for this long in a row. It is super exciting. And what else do you ask is exciting? We are having our first overnight visitor on Wednesday. And, yes there is one more thing...Jordan's birthday is next weekend and we are going to the Food and Wine festival in NYC to celebrate. Busy, busy, busy but fun Fun, FUN!

Part of Jordan's early birthday gift from my parents is a very big bag of pretzel M&Ms. For those of you not in the candy know M&Ms recently came out with two new varieties - pretzels and coconut. We had yet to true either one. However one Jordan's favorite snacks is chocolate covered pretzels. Seemed like the perfect match to have pretzel M&Ms.

So what did he think? He thought they were very good, very good indeed as he had the whole bag in front of him watching TV. He had hoped that there was a bit more pretzel taste. He kindly shared his birthday present with me. I thought they needed a bit more chocolate taste. Overall though I really liked them cause it was a sweet treat but not too sweet to make me think my teeth were going to rot from eating them. I kind of think they would be a great mix in with trail mix.

Good treat! Good present! Happy first birthday celebration! More is yet to come.

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