Monday, October 18, 2010

Dessert for breakfast

Sunday morning brought a new day of sunshine even if it was a bit brisk. Jordan woke up feeling much better thank goodness. I went easy on him though and let this weekend slide with the chores. Hopefully he can keep the apartment clean this week when I am gone so next weekend won't be a cleaning fest again.

I was spoiled this past week with being in New York City. There is good food everywhere. I spent my mornings have super yummy muffins at City Bakery. Lunches were a varied bunch at Whole Foods in Union Square. Add an occasional cookie from the Farmer's Market and let's just say I ate very well. On the way home I grabbed this wonderful loaf of Multi-grain bread from Zaro's. I have only been to the store at Grand Central but I think their breads are wonderful.

After working at Nezinscot Farm I am super spoiled when it comes to bread. It is really hard for me to just have regular grocery store bread. I like the homemade stuff and the good kind at that. It is quite hard to find. Anyway this was a great treat for me. Since bringing it back I have had quite the breakfast meal of toast and....
Nutella, and almond butter, and coconut butter....

Add one banana smashed on top and let's call it heaven.

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  1. Holy cow! Nutella AND coconut butter? Sign me up!!


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