Thursday, March 21, 2013

What I am reading right now...

I should really stay away from Gillian Flynn novels.  They are creepy. The books are like the criminal investigation TV shows that about half way through you realize you are completely scared out of your mind but at that point you cannot stop.  Yep, Sharp Objects is just like that.

Camille works for a third rate newspaper in Chicago when she is put on assignment to go back to her small hometown in rural Missouri. A small girl was found strangled and murdered a year ago. Now another girl has gone missing. Camille is to use her connections to create a human interest piece. 

The problem is that Camille does not get along with her family nor has she been back in town for eight years. As the story develops you learn the dysfunction of the town, its people and Camille's family.  While reading I couldn't figure out who was good or bad.  I kept reading just to find out who the real criminal is...turns out there were a lot of bad apples in town.

If you are in for a scare this is a book for you. 

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  1. I have such vivid dreams...I'm trying to stay away from all things scary! But this does sound like a thriller. Thank you for sharing!


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