Friday, March 29, 2013

March Favorites

The end of March is here. I cannot believe it. I kind of feel like the months have just blown by this year.  This weekend it is actually suppose to feel like Spring too. And it is Easter. Oh boy.

My mind is racing for the weekend to arrive.  I have an itch to do some incredible cleaning. And of course with me, as soon as I clean I want to redecorate. That means some shopping is in order. Watch out.

I haven't done a favorites post in a while so here is a mismatch of things I adore right now.

Jack Black Lip Balm is the bomb. I have lip balm stashed everywhere. One at work. One in each of the bathrooms. Three in my purse (don't ask). Everywhere. So no it was not unreasonable to buy this four pack at Christmas. SPF 25 and all sorts of lovely flavors like grapefruit and black tea. Love!

If you enjoy Peanut Butter you must try PB Crave.  They have flavors like cookie nookie that has pieces of cookie dough in it. Or how about Razzle Dazzle with raspberries. Let's just say I might have gone a bit overboard with cookie dough for breakfast. The best snack ever is some splattered on a banana. Yum, yum!

OK so when I first saw these Roasted Coconut Chips at Trader Joe's I wasn't convinced they would be very good. I passed them up. It was Mr. J that pressed me into buying some.  (He is kind of like bringing a two year old to the store, we always end up with about $50 worth of unnecessary groceries when he comes along).They were purchased and pretty much completely consumed before we even made it  home. They say that they are good toppers for ice cream and salads, etc.  We just at them by the handful. So, so good!

Cheap wine of the month award goes to Steak House. This $10 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon rivals our $100 bottles of Duckhorn.  It is so delicious and so cheap. Last time I picked up a bottle I noted a sign saying it had won an award from Wine Spectators.  Clearly they know what they are talking about more than I do. This has become our favorite go to cheap wine. It is now perfectly acceptable to pop the cork (or screw top) on a Friday, Monday or any other day of the week. 

Happy Friday!


  1. That PB Crave sounds amazing!! Can you find it in stores or just online?

    1. I live in Connecticut and they don't have it in stores around here. I have seen it in stores in Iowa. I got my online at during a sale. The PB Crave website sells it also.

  2. I still want to buy one of the shampoos you recommended...maybe it was last month? And now I have to add coconut chips to my list! Mmmmmm. Happy Easter!

    1. The Clear shampoo is on sale this weekend at CVS, plus mine had free(huge)samples.

  3. Ah! How did you know I needed lip balm? Great list, my dear!

  4. Awesome list my friend, loving roasted coconut :D


  5. I love those roasted coconut chips too! And oh man, that peanut butter...I must try it!

  6. I love Cab Sauv. Seeing your post has made me crave a glass right now :)


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