Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend Edition: Visitors

This weekend my parents came to visit. Poor them. They thought driving south would mean warm temperatures.  Nope.

To make up for the cold weather a bit we took them to the Pez Visitor Center.  They have the largest collection of Pez paraphernalia. We toured the museum and saw the production floor.  Somehow Mr. J managed to walk out with a small bucket full of Pez. Even a small bucket can hold lots of little Pez.

 We also ate well. A new breakfast place was found. Everyone else had a real breakfast of omellettes. Mr. J celebrated with corned beef hash. I enjoyed my little egg sandwich. Brioche makes everything taste better.

Dinner was tapas. We went to Barcelona Wine Bar, a place in downtown New Haven, where all of the Yale students proved we were not, if ever, hip enough.   Booze was involved. It helped the lack of hipness. And the cold temperatures. 

We had a great weekend and I am sad it is over.   

What are your weekend highlights?

In case you missed anything last week, here is a recap:


                1. How nice your parents came to visit! The Pez Center sounds fun, and that looks like one mean egg sandwich. My weekend highlight hasn't happened yet, but it's going to be eating pizza tonight. Yum!

                2. All of your eats look delicious!

                3. ahhhh all that food looks awesome. Brioche does make everything better


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