Saturday, April 28, 2012

April Foodzie Box: Happy Earth Day

Earth Day was last week. Were you able to celebrate?  Connecticut had a massive rain/snow storm and it really put a damper on a lot of the planned activities around town. I was planning to participate in a beach clean up with some fellow co-workers but it was rescheduled in May. I guess you cannot win them all.

For April's Foodzie Box there was a celebration of Earth Day. 

“People, Profit, Planet” is the triple bottom line that Bumble Bar believes in. Their chewy, sesame seed-packed energy bars are made with organic ingredients, and they enforce green practices from processing to packaging.

This was what I was most excited for...mircowave popcorn that is flavored parmesan and rosemary.  Yum!  And I am inspired to make my own.

This fourth generation of family farmers harvests their stone fruit when it's tender and ripe. Hand-slicing and traditional sun-drying preserves the juiciness, yielding deliciously sweet, tender fruit, requiring zero energy beyond mother nature to process.

Styrian pumpkin seeds are the kings of the pumpkin seed world for flavor. These seeds have a rich, nutty flavor and are hulless so you get straight to the good stuff. CB’s is one of the few domestic growers, so they don’t come with a heavy carbon footprint to get to you.

Teatulia Tea comes direct to you from a single garden in Northern Bangladesh's Tetulia region.  They are USDA Organic and use eco packaging.


  1. How cool is this Foodzie box!? I've never heard of it before but that's pretty awesome! I'd be happy enough just to get the Bumble bar & the popcorn! Both sound fantastic. I've just recently seen the Bumble Bar but I'm yet to try it. What a great package!
    -Lacy @

  2. I am sorry the weather ruined your Earth Day plans! At school, we had a clean up day as well!
    And what a delicious foodzie package - those popcorn sound too good :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. Mmm I am loving the popcorn and pumpkin seeds! That sounds like some awesome snacking :)

  4. I found your site on from another blog. Just wanted to let you know that I subscribed to your feed and can't wait to see what your next post will be.

  5. What a cool haul!! I've never heard of Foodzie but what a great concept.


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