Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween and WIAW

Happy Halloween!

I wonder if many people on the East Coast are actually celebrating.  This storm was quite a doozy but it seems like it was much better than some of the predictions. I live on the Connecticut shoreline far enough from the water that I didn't have to worry about flooding but clearly still in the area that would lose power due to flooding.  One report said it could be weeks without power.  

Ice cream sundae Monday afternoon before the power was lost.  Part of this was to use up the ice cream, the other part was to make me feel better.
I am smart enough know that weeks probably wasn't going to happen but losing power was definitely going to occur.  Sure enough right after 5pm Monday night the power was gone.  No warning just gone.  The worst part of this was that I was about ready to heat up some food so we could have a warm dinner.  

Tuesday morning though things had calm down considerably with the winds.  I would go so far as to say it was fairly nice out. I thought for this week's What I Ate Wednesday post I would put up how we ate without power for the last couple of days.

Mr. J was bound and determine to go exploring Tuesday morning after the sun rose.  Although I had forbid him the night before, seeing that the weather didn't look so bad I said OK and we both ventured out. Sure enough right down the road a big tree had come down along with a electric pull and lots and lots of wires.  

A bit further down the road our grocery store was up and running.  I knew they had coffee so we pulled on in.  We waited in line because they only had one machine and people were buying cups of the stuff. While Mr. J waited for coffee I grabbed to big bags of ice.  We didn't have too much in the fridge that would go bad but I hate wasting food and knowing we had ice made me feel 100 times better. The warm coffee made me feel about 1,000,000 times better.  

Once we got back I loaded our cooler with ice and shifted the milk, yogurt, and some cheese to the cooler.  We then had some cereal (cinnamon puffins) with banana, water, and coffee.  Pretty much like a typical day.

There were places open for business nearby but I convinced Mr. J that we could have a pretty fancy meal - no heat needed.  We had gone to Whole Foods the other week and picked up a wheel of Camembert.  Best at room temperature, this was perfect with some crackers.

We also had a few leftovers of steak and collard greens from Sunday to add to the collection.  Surprisingly this fit in well with the cheese and didn't seem odd at all to eat cold.

Later we managed some more cheese on apples.  Best. Snack. Ever.  Followed by a cookie or two. 

A friend happened to still have power so Tuesday afternoon we headed on over to get some human interaction and warm food.  We brought frozen veggie pizza.

Dinner was Mexican takeout.  There are pockets of areas with power.  One happens to be able two miles down the road.  It is a small stretch but includes three restaurants.  They were all packed. We picked Mexican and brought it home.  It would have been nice to eat with power but we got our food before we even would have been seated at a table.  Beer from our fridge was still cool.

We still don't have power but I feel very lucky to be safe, have water and access to food. Local businesses that can open have been very gracious and friendly to help people out.  

What would you eat with no power?
Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats


  1. I think that's awesome that you two were able to put meals together even w/o the stovetop & oven. Both meals, especially your lunch look delicious!

  2. That Mexican bowl looks mighty delicious.

    I would probably eating a lot of canned green beans if we lost power.

    One time when our electricity went out we had my cousins over and had just ordered pizza. My oldest cousin told us to gather in a circle and pretend that the heat from the pizza was actually a fire. And we did. Crazy kids. Haha.

    1. haha I can picture it now! i would have been all over then when I was little.

  3. Yummy food!

    We got lucky, our power stayed on

  4. Sorry you lost power. We're on the upper east side of Manhattan so we have power but everything below 40th street is dark as are large sections of the other boroughs. No subways yet, tunnels still flooded. It's a mess. I spent several days without power during the big summer blackout a few years ago and I never want to do that again. Very grateful to be warm and dry here! Oh, our big Greenwich village Halloween parade is cancelled due to the fact that the village is underwater. Ugh.

    1. This storm put a real damper on Halloween activities. I wonder if the candy will be on sale tomorrow like normal or they are going to hold off till closer to the new trick-o-treat nights.

  5. I'm so sorry you don't have power, but it's always nice to have an excuse to eat a big 'ol ice cream sundae! Some of my favorite storm memories are sitting in the basement with roommates, crowded around a candle and a 1/2 gallon of vanilla ice cream and 5 spoons! So fun!

  6. Either you had everything (to eat) because you are a food blogger, or you are just really really prepared. :) I wouldn't mind losing power at your house. Ever. YUM! :)
    Take care, and I am so glad to see that all is well!!

  7. In NYC, I didn't lose power, but I found an excuse to eat ice cream anyway. :P I bake a lot of muffins, cookies and pies, so I would just devour those if we did lose power.

    1. the ice cream was the best decision all day!

  8. You both stayed calm and made the best of a bad situation. I would not be so well fed if I was in the same spot. Great going. :)


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