Sunday, June 12, 2011

Confessions of A Food Blogger

1. This weekend I spent more time reading a book than in the kitchen. It was very entertaining.

2. I sometimes buy premade pesto, and get excited about it.

3. This weekend I went to a really cool fair, brought the camera and then took NO pictures.

4. Cold cereal is one of my favorite breakfasts.  I had it almost every day for breakfast this week.

5. One of the best dinners can be take out pizza or Chinese.  We had both this week.

6.  I haven't cleaned my refrigerator for at least 3 months.

Right now there are 3 quarts of plain yogurt, two containers of chocolate candies and lots of sauces.

7. Washing dishes by hand can be my therapy most days.

Please don't judge.


  1. Most of these things make me happy, too! :) I don't like washing dishes... I dread it every day.

  2. We are having take out pizza for dinner tonight! My husband and son just went to pick it up. No judging here!

  3. I love it! Good for you for "unloading" yourself amongst friends!

  4. ha, I love it - and I NEVER grow tired of cereal!

  5. sounds like the book was a hit
    somedays aren't for the kitchen right?

    instead of condensed milk sugar can be substituted but I like the flavour and creaminess with the condensed milk in the rice pudding hope you get to try it and enjoy it is easy dessert to make and filling

  6. That's funny! I just cleaned out my fridge today - it was WAY overdue!

  7. I love pesto...but I don't think I've ever bought it premade! It sounds yummy

  8. Such a cute post! I have that book but have not read it yet. My fridge looks the same, I have yogurts galore, sauces and always 1 block of tofu. LOL

  9. Amen to all of these! Reminds me I need to clean out my fridge again (and particularly my pantry)...

  10. LOLOLOLOL! I could relate to all of these confessions... especially the ones involving pizza, dishes, and cereal! :D


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