Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tuesday night

I started Tuesday off with the best of intentions.

Smoothie for breakfast

DVD workout before work

Then enter work.  It was busy.  I was tired.

I think it is perfectly acceptable to have a glass of whine wine on a Tuesday night.

A very FULL glass of wine.

Not in a wine glass.  Classy I know. I hear my mom "tsking" away.

I skipped dessert though.  After all I already had a brownie sundae for lunch. :)

Hope Wednesday doesn't end the same way...or maybe I do.


  1. wow, you have time to make a smoothie AND do a workout before you go to work. What time do you get up??
    Brownie sundae for lunch sounds great btw :)

  2. I think it's TOTALLY acceptable to have wine on a Tuesday! :D

  3. haha you can have wine ANY DAY :) Anytime you want!

  4. For extra fun and possible looks of horror from your loved ones....drink wine from a mason jar...or my personal favorite...the pooh jelly glass. ;)

  5. Who needs a proper glass! At least you aren't drinking straight from the bottle :)

  6. LOL! You're hilarious! I love your whine glass! ;-)

  7. My day didn't go so well, and I ended mine with a glass of whine, I mean wine as well! Here's to hoping for a quiet weekend!


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