Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Scream for Ice Cream

As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemakers program, I received a free sample of Newtons Fruit Thins.  I can honestly say this was a big surprise to me when I came home from lunch last week.  There was a pretty big box waiting for me on the door step.  I always get excited for packages but it is even better when they are a complete surprise.  Of course, I frantically torn the thing apart to see what was awaiting me.

I am not the biggest fan of the original Fig Newtons. They taste great but they are a fine line between a healthy snack and dessert.  If I want a dessert, I want some chocolate.  Chocolate is one thing Fig Newtons do not contain.  The other thing I am not fond of is the texture of the Fig Newtons.  They are a bit soft and stick to the roof of my mouth.  For some reason I am sensitive to this area and don’t like my food to hang out up there. 

All that being said, the new Newton Fruit Thins are amazing.  There are almost like little tea biscuits but not that thick.  They are also not dry at all – no sticking to the roof of the mouth.  Score!  I received the Cranberry flavor.  You can eat 3 in one serving for only 140 calories.  I quickly tried one plain and enjoyed it very much as a quick snack.

Upon further inspection though I realized because of the thinness and crispness of the cookie, the Newton Fruit Thins would make perfect cookie sandwiches.  It being about 90 degrees outside and me being too cheap to use the A/C all day long, I desperately longed for some ice cream.

I must say this totally hit the spot. The cookies didn’t even get soggy, not that I waited too long to inhale the little piece of goodness. I think next time I will try some peanut butter or cream cheese. The Newtons Fruit Thins are definitely cookies but they are not too sweet. I could see this being great for someone who is not a big breakfast fan.

Since the arrival I have contemplated a few other uses – toppings for ice cream sundaes and as part of a cookie crumb pie crust. Unfortunately, or come to think of it not so much, the ice cream sandwiches were such a big hit the package quickly disappeared before I could test out some of the other options. I guess I will just have to go out a get me some more.


  1. GREAT idea! I love it! That is so cool to be a part of a tasting panel! Where do I sigh up?

  2. Always did like fig newtons and have seen these advertised recently. The ice cream sandwiches look delicious. There are so many uses for cookie crumbs in baking-the possibilities are endless. Neat that you are part of the tastemakers program!

  3. I like your idea of using them for sandwiches! I'm also too cheap to run the AC. I think that it's fine until the inside temperature reaches 85 :)

  4. Glad to hear that these are better than Fig Netwons. I'm not a huge fan of them either. But I'll have to try these out and get me some ice cream to go with!

  5. awesome idea with the ice cream sandwiches!

  6. Great Idea! I have been wondering about these after seeing them in the store. I too am not a fan of the original!

  7. I loooove that you made ice cream sandwiches with the newtons...that is genius and delicious!

  8. I totally love the new thins, and so do my kids. Very smart to make IC sandwiches!

  9. I was planning on doing this! Glad they came out well!


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