Monday, June 27, 2011

Prepping for the Week

I now have another reason for not liking the rain.  Our clamming adventures stopped before we even made it out the door.  See, clams filter water and when it rains they filter rain water.  Rain water is not very clean - gross huh?  When it rains too much the Clam Association closes all of the clam areas because they are not safe to eat.  Well, last week there was a lot of rain and thus when we called the clam hot line (don't laugh, it is very helpful) they said all areas are closed.

Instead I got this done. 

Pretty nails make me happy.  I went to a new place and it was fantastic.  I left with not only pretty nails but smooth legs and relaxed muscles.  This is definitely a splurge for me.  After today though I can see why people go much more often. I would like to go much more often.

I also was able to cut up all sorts of veggies for next week.  I try to do a bit of this every week but honestly it just doesn't happen.  I am not big on chopping things up to begin with.  I would much rather spend my time in the kitchen baking.  Thus, after baking, regular meal preparations and dishes, chopping veggies and fruit for the coming week is just not high on the priority list.  

Wtih extra time on my hand I was able to make carrot and celery sticks for easy snacking, prep cucumbers for salads, and dice strawberries for breakfast. 

All in all this probably took me maybe an extra 30 minutes.  I am hoping it will save me some serious time this week, especially in the mornings when I need it the most.  If nothing else I won't be washing the same cutting board every day.

I am off to get ready for work, counting down the days till the weekend, the LONG weekend for 4th of July one of my favorite holidays!


  1. Clam hotline??? Lol! It sounds like you were very productive despite the no clamming...hope the week is a good one!! :)

  2. The clam hotline is pretty funny but very helpful I am sure. The veggies look great and I need some in my diet this week for sure. Also, those nails looks great. Pretty nails make me happy as well. It is fun to go get pampered on occasion =)

    Have a great day! -Jen

  3. I'm sorry about the clams, but glad you got so much done! I love all the chop work that has to be done in the kitchen - it's like therapy to me...

  4. I want to get my toes done! Jealous - I could really use a pedicure! Can't wait until the 4th of July either!! Hope you have a great holiday weekend!

  5. congratulations on getting that chopping done! It looks like you're in for a healthy week in the lead up to July 4! Theresa

  6. LOVE that color! I need a pretty purple for the summer.


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