Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Haven's Taste of the Nation

There are some things that bother me in this world:
1. Drugs
2. Guns
3. Obesity
4. Hunger

I don’t want to get all political on you; this is after all a food blog. I will say though that I hate to think about how this nation has so much yet there are people going hungry every day. It bothers me. One of the great organizations out there to help stop hunger in America is Share Our Strength.

From the Share Our Strength website:

Share Our Strength’s highest priority is to make sure that every child in America gets the nutritious food he or she needs to learn, grow and thrive. We are doing this by improving the access that families all across the country have to healthy, affordable food and by working at the state and city level. This is our No Kid Hungry strategy, and it has four key components that, together, provide children with the nutritious food they need where they live, learn and play:

• Creating public-private partnerships at the state and city level to map out comprehensive, measurable plans to end child hunger in those areas.

• Building public awareness about the problem of childhood hunger and solutions to end it.

• Investing in communities with grants to organizations whose work improves access to nutritious foods or that educate families about such programs.

• Educating children and families about nutritious, affordable eating.

Creme brule and bacon donuts from a new restaurant, Box 63.  It opens next week.  They also served lobster mac N cheese which was so yummy!

One of the many annual events held across the nation to help raise awareness and funds for Share Our Strength is Taste of the Nation.

Strawberry parfait from Union League Cafe

I believe whenever I looked into getting tickets in the past it was difficult because I didn’t live near a city that participated. Typically the event is held in the middle of the week.

The winner of the night was a little lobster roll on Judie Brioche Burger buns.  It was topped with whipped corn.  I could have eaten 4; I should have eaten 4!

With work and travel time, it just wasn’t feasible. That all changed this year, after moving closer to New Haven the Wednesday night trek didn’t seem so bad. Mr. J and I treated ourselves to a midweek feast.

Lots of cheese to sample from Caseus.  This table was near and dear to my heart. Lovely, cheeses!

100% of the ticket proceeds go to Share Our Strength. To find out if your local city hosts a Taste of the Nation event click here.  Thanks to all of the New Haven restaurants who participated.  It was delicious!  We really didn't have a bad bite all night long.


  1. These pictures are awesome, looks like I missed out. I have been interested in doing a bake sale for Share our strength and looking for people in the area. Glad you enjoyed all the delicious food!

  2. Beautiful pics and a worthy cause...

  3. Looks like a fun event for an amazing cause!! :)

  4. i truly believe in educating children about healthy eating

  5. Very nice post, it is good to be reminded that not everyone gets the same advantages in life and that we can do something to help.

  6. Love the sound of little lobster rolls ~ sounds delicious. it's good to connect with another foodie with a conscience;-) Happy to have found your blog.

  7. ah I wanted to go to that!


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