Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fighting with Dinner

Things haven't really been going my way the last few days. Life has been beyond hectic and these little nuisances keep popping up that make everything so much worst.  

Yesterday I woke up early to do Barre 3 workout video.  I think of this as more weights and still planned to go to the gym after work.  But after work I was beat and there was no way I was getting myself to the gym.

I had planned an amazing dinner from Mama Pea of Potato and White Bean Basil Burgers.  They look yum!  Then all of our potatoes were rotten.  It was beyond gross!  I think it might have been Mr. J thinking up ways to sideline my vegan meal for the week. 

Dinner was improvised. 

I consoled my soul with Laguna Beach on Netflix and one of these

Recipe to come tomorrow!  I wish every night could end like this.


  1. aww what's wrong? ps- I heart Laguna Beach, but only the first 2 seasons.

  2. Improvised meals are sometimes the best! Don't you just love Netflix? I hope you are well....

  3. I love Laguna Beach!! LC and Kristen are sure to help! Your improvised dinner looks pretty awesome!

  4. Dinner looks delicious!!
    Laguna Beach... wasn't that decades ago?!? ;-)) I used to watch it all the time!

  5. Pasta dish looks comforting and tasty!

  6. Ok, where's that recipe? Those cookies look GOOD!

  7. What a lovely impromptu dinner...I think my hubby would sabotage any vegan meal I was planning, so I save those for my lunches~


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