Friday, June 24, 2011

Fridays 5 Phone Apps

It was not too long ago that I didn't know what a Smart phone Application was...heck I only got a Smart phone beginning in 2011.  Yep, till then I was perfectly content with a flip phone.  Even that I didn't utilize to its full capacity.

But now I have my hands on some modern technology and I am just starting to see the wonders of the Smart phone.  I can only say that I will never, ever, be bored again!

Here are my top five applications:

Netflix - What a great idea! You can stream hundreds of movies and TV shows instantly if you are a member.  Last week when I was stuck in the airport for an extra 2 hours, I enjoyed 3episodes of Glee, season 1.  This also provides entertainment while at the gym and I needed a little extra distraction to finish my workout.

Pandora - Bye bye itunes!  This is a constant stream of music.  You can pick genres, songs, basically anything and you get a custom radio station.  Again, this is great for gym distraction.

Nook -  Ever get stuck at a doctor's office, or a line at the post office.  Well pop open a book on the Nook application and that wait doesn't seem so bad.

Facebook - I don't think this needs an explanation!

Detla - OK these makes me seem a bit geeky but I do travel alot.  This allows to me to check in at the click of a buttom. It stores all of my flights and confirmation numbers.  You can check flight statuses, and gate locations before getting off the plane.   

You may be question why Angry birds didn't make the cut. Well, I am too scared to try it out.  I heard it sucks your life away.  After seeing a 60 some year old business man playing it non-stop during a 4 hour flight, I realized I am probably better off without it.  


  1. I HEART Netflix!!!! And the rest too! Thanks for linking up!

  2. My phone is a 4 year old Slider and I send maybe 3 texts a month. Don't use the Slider ever. But I do love me some Netflix and it helps me waste lots of time at work. lol


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