Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Travel, travel, travel

I left for Kansas on Monday.  I am here for the week.  I am dealing with the Midwest.  Its is hot and humid.  Lucky for me there is lots of BBQ to sample.

I am a bit of a control freak. Mr. J thinks it is somewhat amusing how much I travel for work considering there are many times when I cannot control my travel. Whether for work or for pleasure, I like things to run the way I see the most beneficial to me, when that doesn’t happen I get impatient, frustrated, and annoyed. Basically I am a complete mess till I make it to my final destination. Of course, the return trip is equally as torturous. Yea, maybe I should work on just letting go a bit more but really people do some really stupid things at the airport and on flights.

The travel itself isn’t the only thing that works me up about trips. Before I even leave the apartment I am a bit of manic. I have to clean the whole thing. Who likes to come back to a messy home? Of course this works a whole lot better when Mr. J is actually with me. When he stays behind, the apartment never fares too well.

To help calm my nerves, I make lists for Mr. J and I tape them to the door. I wonder, is this strange? Honestly, I think Mr. J finds it helpful. Normally there is a combination of lists. I always leave a to-do list, mainly because some things are time sensitive, certain things need to be mailed on certain days. This week the main thing I needed Mr. J to do was buy bananas at the store on Wednesday. They were wicked cheap this week and I was bummed I was going to be gone. So on Wednesday, the last day they are $.39/LB Mr. J is going to get me a nice big bunch for when I return. Yep those are my welcome home flowers. Now, if I mentioned on Sunday night about the banana trip, do you think he would remember come Wednesday? Nope, of course, not so on to the list is goes.

I also feel guilty about leaving him in charge of the meals. Yes, he can cook. He cooks some pretty fine meals for me most days of the week. However, when I am gone he reverts to what I assume hope most men do without a female presence. He goes to McDonalds, Wendys, and has meals consisting mostly of protein. Thus, there is always a meal list. Before I leave I go to the store with a list of easy, single person meals. I stock up the fridge and freezer and then list out different options. This way he knows what is there and can pick and choose what to eat. I also can list out some salad and vegetable options as well. Hopefully by the time I return, all of the produce drawers are empty.

Note: The produce drawers are never empty when I get back but at least I know I tried.

I on the other hand am trying to convince my co-workers that the best way to make it through Kansas is having Frozen Yogurt 3 meals a day.  Yum!

I love frozen so much.  I don't even need the toppings.  This place had about 20 options of flavors.  I wanted to try them all.  I was laughed at about the quantity of yogurt I got. 

Wedding Cake, Caramel, Brownie, and Coconut. Cannot go wrong there!


  1. The heat and humidity in the Midwest is so bad...One of the things I don't miss about living there. Hope you get a break in the weather while you're there!

  2. I need to start making Mike todo lists for when I"m actually home.

  3. What a fun post!

    When I travel I make larger meals a couple weeks before and freeze the leftovers in individual servings for my hubby. He just takes them out the night before and nukes them that night.

    ....the other thing he does while I'm traveling? He CLEANS! The man will clean the house from top to bottom for me! I swear, I love that man.....

  4. We have lots in common! I am the same way with travel - it annoys my husband to no end! But you are so right - people do some really stupid things in airports, I can't just let it go!

  5. I love your list. I make something similar when I rarely leave for more than one day without hubby.
    Usually I cook ahead of time and freeze in single portions.
    have fun in Kansas!


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