Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fresh Basil Pasta

There are two things I really enjoy about summer.  Fresh, flavorful tomatoes.

Lots of basil. 

I am growing my own and so far things are looking good.  Its been a few weeks since I planted my stash for the season.  The weather has been very unpredictable but my worst problem is some little creature that seems to be nibbling on my plants.  They better stop soon because I want to make some pesto.  

Right now though I am thinking pasta.  Mr. J has this thing about red sauce on his pasta.  Every time I come up with a marvelous idea for pasta that does not include red sauce he doesn't say a word till right before we begin eating.  Then, as I am about to stick my fork in, he says "do you mind if I add some red sauce?"  It's a bit aggravating.  I guess I can be happy he asked?

For some reason this week, when I brought up some of my ideas and ingredients for dinner, he actually suggested this combination.  It was delicious!  All was happy in the family.

In the mix:
1 diced onion
4 cloves garlic
1 dried red pepper

Saute in olive oil.

Add 1lb deviened shrimp.  Cook till just turning pink.  Add about 1/2C of pasta water to this pot.

Add cooked pasta. Toss with fresh basil and Parmesan cheese.

There absence of red sauce made this much lighter, perfect for a 90 degree humid day.

Mr. J loved it.  Even suggested we plan it again for next week.  Too bad  I will be traveling for work.  I hope he doesn't make it without me.  

Random thoughts for the day:

How can it be so hot when it is not officially summer yet?

Growing my own plants is so rewarding.  They make me happy whenever I walk by.

I am so much more productive when I wake up at 5:30am, straight through all day long.

At times I wish I could plan another wedding, maybe a 5 year anniversary bash?  Is that crazy?

Very excited for tonight's Taste of the Nation New Haven!


  1. Tomatoes are finally starting to look good now. A fresh tomato sauce is just what is needed!

  2. Oh this is beautiful... and simple too!

  3. Tomatoes are so good this time of year... I eat them right off the vine.

    The pasta dish looks beautiful!

  4. Tomatoes and basil are the essence of summer. Sadly this year we had to forgo our garden -the first time in 6 years - but at least we have the local farmers to feed our tomato habit! Love this great light recipe, perfect summer pasta, Thanks!

  5. Fresh tomatoes and basil - yum! What a super simple but super delicious pasta dish! Looks amazing!
    And yes, just a little crazy wanting to plan another wedding - so much work :)

  6. I still have our cart from when we lived in NYC and walked every where. I was so much thinner then...


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