Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday's 5 Kitchen Favorites

1. Blender - This for me is a daily use appliance.  How else would I get my morning smoothie? I love my blender and don't really know what I would do without it.  From dips to drinks, this machine gets a lot of use in our household.

2. Salt Pig - Isn't it cute?  This is more of a favorite for Mr. J as he insists on adding salt to everything and lots of it. 

3. Rubber spatulas - Most people think that minimalism is a virture.   I don't think this holds true for rubber spatulas.  I use one once a day to scrape out my smoothis for breakfast.  These are also my go to tool for dinner.  I think the more colors the better.  Honestly the my make time in the kitchen that much happier.

4. Knives - the Global knife set was the great debate of our wedding registry.  They are the best knives but I thihnk they are so ugly.  The compromise was the set tray instead of the counter hold which I thought looked like a big space ship.

5. Pepper Cracker- I couldn't live with out this.  Fresh cracked pepper is the best!


  1. Those are my favorite tools as well, those and our little food processor, that thing gets used every single day!

  2. Global knives are my favorite! I have the same set, and the same knife storage thing. Love them!

  3. We have some of the very same favorites! I have a small salt pig (although it's not an actual salt pig, but I just love it!

  4. Global may be ugly but hey are so good..

  5. I'm with you on the blender and pepper grinder!


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