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50/50 Burger {Pass the Cook Book Club} ‪#‎passthecookbook‬

It is summer time and the days are longer and warmer. I am loving every second.  This time of year it seems I am trying to fit in more and more in these long days.  Dinner kind of sneaks up on me.  

Having a quick and delicious meal to throw together is always a good thing.  This month's Pass the Cook Book Club cookbook is Michael Symon's 5 in 5. The promise is 120 meals made with 5 fresh ingredients that can be put together in 5 minutes. The 5 minute part might be a bit of wishful thinking but no more than 10. I promise.

In case you forgot the premise of the Pass the Cook Book Club each month a cookbook is chosen with three recipes. You pick the recipe that looks best for you and make it for today.  Julie of White Lights on Wednesday picked a winner with this one. The three recipes were the famous 50/50 burger, angel hair pasta with corn, tomatoes and feta, and salmon and avocado salad.

Today I am sharing the 50/50 burger. I actually tagged this recipe in one of my magazines this spring right before this month's recipes were selected. It seems like something Mr. J would really enjoy.  I made all of the other recipes though too because they seemed delicious.  And let me tell you, they were!!!

As the book states this dish came together in minutes. The flavors were just right with some spice from the chorizo and bite from the cilantro.  I mean how smart is it to add some sausage to the beef for a jazzed up burger. We will be making this again and again all summer.

Spicy 50/50 burger

by Emily Morris
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Keywords: grill summer
Ingredients (serves 4)
  • ¾ pound ground beef (80% lean)
  • ¾ pound fresh chorizo, removed from casing if not in bulk
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • 4 slices Monterey jack cheese
  • 4 challah-style buns, split and toasted
  • 1 cup fresh cilantro leaves
Put a large skillet over medium-high heat.

In a bowl, mix to combine the ground beef and chorizo. Form the meat into 4 patties, each about 3/4 inch thick. Season the patties on both dies with salt and pepper.

Add the olive oil to the preheated pan, then add the patties and, with a spatula, press each the form thin burgers. Cook without moving until a good crust forms, about 2 minutes. Flip the burger and cook until heavily caramelized, about 2 minutes. Reduce heat to medium-low and top each burger with a slice of cheese. Add 2 tablespoons water to the pan, cover, and allow the cheese to melt for 1 minute.

Put 1 burger onto each bun bottom, top with ¼ cup cilantro and the other half of the bun, and serve.
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If you want to become a part of the cookbook club read this post and click for the Facebook group. Also check out all of the other blogger's posts below.  


  1. Glad to see I'm not the only one who didn't press the burgers super thin like the directions said to do. Thick burgers are much better!

  2. Delish! I'm so craving a burger. I might have to grill one this weekend!

  3. I made mine into slider - chubby, juicy sliders! They were tasty.

  4. These burgers look great... I gotta make burgers for this holiday weekend. :)

  5. This burger looks great! The warm weather makes me crave burgers very much. I was not able to make the recipes before posting date this month but I can't wait to try them.


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