Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What I am reading lately...

The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer recently came out in paperback and was in all of the magazines as a must read.  I read lots of magazines while at the gym and whenever I see something appear in multiple publications I tend to take note and look into it what the big deal is.  

The book follows six teens into adulthood. This group meets at a trend creative arts summer camp in the Berkshires. The story starts with Julie, the newbie in the group, who comes to the camp on scholarship after her father dies.  The other five have been coming to the camp for years.  Julie is shocked when they first invite her to join their late night meetings during her first summer.

The story continues as each individual grows up through college and the adult real world.  They grow apart and together as the storyline switches by chapter the story of each character in the present and looking back in time during their time at camp.  The Interestings looks at how everyone faces love, success, failures and difficult times in life.  That the perspective of others is not necessarily the reality of the person. And true friendship can last forever.

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