Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Do I have a problem?

Monday was blah!  It was super rainy and cloudy all day. It was very hard to be any way productive at work for more than 20 minutes at a time.  We had a breakfast party.  I downed about 5 cups of coffee.  It didn't help. 

Monday night I ran at the gym.  It was so HOT!  I was dying and I wasn't even going fast or far.  My friend has been coming with me due to a broken treadmill.  She is training for a marathon and can run far and fast.  Normally I am not much of a gym buddy/running partner kind of gal.  I will say though it has been fun having a friend at the gym and the miracle of the treadmill makes running side by side possible even when I give up and start walking.

Today is the first day of March and I am convinced there will be nothing but warm weather and sunshine from here on out.

This weekend when I was putting away the groceries I noticed this...

Then I saw this...

Do I have a problem?  I would like to think I just like variety.  After all cereal is one of my favorite food groups.   Plus I have a very particular husband who only will eat certain types of cereal.  The nut butters on the other hand are all mine.  I can only guess what would happen to our kitchen if we have kids.  I better train them well and fast as too what foods they will like.  

Do you have multiple varieties of the same thing in your cupboard?

I hope today goes better and faster than yesterday.  I have the weekend itch already! 

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  1. Haha! Your cereal "collection" looks like mine. I like variety! I did have a similar issue w/ the peanut/almond/etc. butter, but I vowed to finish up a few and not go back to my hoarding ways. So yeah, it's not just you! Too many options out there.


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