Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nezinscot Farm

If you have looked at my About Me page you know that I grew up in Iowa.  I hated it.  I felt like I lived on a corn field.  In reality this was not the case at all but when you are a teenage girl…what can I say? 

Then my parents decided it was time to move to Maine right before I was to be a sophomore in high school.  Cruel, huh?  I thought my life was going to end.  After a few rough weeks, I started to adjust.  I eventually found a job not far from my high school.  The sign on the store read bakery, cookies, and sweet treats.  I was sold, and then I sold them on me.  It turns out though that this perfect little store, bakery, cookies, sweet treats place was on a farm.  Not just any farm but the first organic farm in Maine. 

I had always cooked and baked with my mother and grandmother but this job took it to a whole new level.  I became the perfect housewife.  Don’t let Mr. J know; a lot of my skills fell through after going to college. 

I visited this weekend to see my old stomping grounds and fell in love all over again.  Ironically I ate all of these treats non-stop but because I was hoisting 50 lbs bags of flour and sugar every day I never gained any weight.

On the weekends there are homemade donuts and cinnamon rolls.  There is also a small cafe where you can order French toast, pancakes, crepes, and yogurt and granola parfaits.

Everyday you can find fresh bread, cookies, and muffins.  Lunch finds soup and sandwiches filling the counter.  This is one place where you will never go hungry.

Along with the bake goods, Nezinscot farm makes jams, jellies, relishes, salsa, and pickled every-veggie-you-can-think-of.  My favorites are the cheese though.  I didn't get a picture but I love all of the cheeses.  There is both goat and cow milk, hard and soft cheeses.  They are delicious and have clever little names for the farm, animals, and area. 

To find out more visit the Nezinscot Farm website and blog.


  1. Such a cool place to work in high school. Much better than my stint in retail at a department store.

  2. This would be such a fun place to work! In high school, I worked at In-N-Out Burger, where I ate a lot of unhealthy food too but also didn't gain much weight. Teenage metabolism is pretty amazing!


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